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      Mattress care and warranties

      Please refer to the manufacturers warranty card for more information as this is just a guide and not the complete warranty. It applies to Sleepyhead, SleepMaker and Bedco mattresses only.

      To help equalise body impressions, please rotate your mattress every two weeks for two months then at least once every three months.

      Before deciding on a mattress it’s important to find the right mattress for you. The foam comfort layers will settle over the first period of use and a slight softening is likely to occur.

      The mattress you lie on in any store may be softer than a brand new version of the same bed because the floor model may have been worn-in. Your mattress will take a few months to relax and soften.

      Using the right base is important to the life of your mattress. Non supportive bases i.e. flexible slats / mesh / sprung bases may void your warranty.

      DO Turn and/or rotate your mattress frequently (as shown above).
      DO Utilise the middle of the mattress if you would like to minimise contouring
      DO Carry your mattress flat or on its side. This is a job for two people.
      DO Use a waterproof mattress protector.
      DO Air your bed. Airing your bed every three months by leaving bed linen off for several hours will allow
      condensation caused by body heat to evaporate.
      DO Vacuum your bed regularly using low suction.
      DO Consider your base when purchasing a new mattress. The base supports the entire mattress. By not using
      the correct base with your new mattress, damage can occur to the product. This is not a manufacturing

      DON’T Remove border labels or tags. The border label on your new bed contains information to help identify the mattress you own, should you have any future concerns.
      DON’T Use cleaning agents on your mattress. Chemicals contained in some cleaning agents may damage the fabric or underlying materials in your mattress. To remove a stain or mark, use a clean damp cloth only.
      DON’T Bend or jump on your mattress under any circumstances. This may cause damage to the internal construction of your mattress.
      DON’T Use a non-supportive base with your mattress as this will void your warranty.